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Members of Cohort 6
Members of Cohort 6

Success for museums in the 21st century will depend on embracing organizational change to meaningfully connect with new and diverse audiences.  CCLI imagines a world in which museums transform themselves to recognize and respond to different values and needs, curating experiences and collections that touch the lives of a diversity of audiences.

CCLI helps museum leaders catalyze diversity and inclusion efforts in their institutions.

Building from the document Museums, Libraries and 21st Century Skills, published by the Institute of Museum and Library Services in 2009, CCLI focuses on three 21st Century skills that are particularly relevant to helping institutions advance their cultural competency:  Creativity and Innovation, Communication and Collaboration, and Global Awareness.  CCLI introduces a framework for thinking about these 21st Century skills within the context of cultural competence and diversity, and offers accompanying tools and resources.

The Cultural Competence Learning Institute is a partnership between the following institutions:

Applicants to Cohort 7 will be notified December 17th.

Landscape Study

On September 5, CCLI launched National Landscape Study: DEAI Practices in Museums.

This study will document how organizations prioritize DEAI strategies and tactics, the structures present to sustain these efforts, the levels of leadership involvement, and where there are challenges and gaps. As a museum leader, you will gain insights into where your organization is relative to the field. You’ll receive valuable data for decision-making, strategic planning, and staff development in order to shift organizational practices.  

Participate in the study!
Be Inclusive. Be Included.

CCLI includes:

  • Strategic Initiative and coaching
  • Comprehensive staff survey
  • 1.5 day in-person workshop
  • Monthly webinars and resources
  • Peer Networking
  • Specialized Leadership support
IMLSThis project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services grants MP-00-12-0021 and MG-10-17-0040-17.
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