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By Adam Fagen posted 03-12-2020 15:29


ASTC members around the world are working to respond to the outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus disease. ASTC is committed to providing opportunities for our network of science center and museum leaders to share information and resources on how you are ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your visitors and staff while working to prepare for any potential disruption in your operations and impacts on your business.

In terms of public health, expert guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) suggest that the best way to limit the risk posed by coronavirus is to follow more general strategies for public health, including regular and thorough hand-washing, regularly cleaning and disinfecting commonly touched surfaces and objects, ensuring that vaccinations are up-to-date, and staying at home when sick. These approaches will also help protect against influenza, colds, and other communicable diseases.

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Additional Information about COVID-19 Coronavirus Disease

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ASTC members throughout North America and around the world are currently experiencing various levels of impact from COVID-19 coronavirus disease, and we want to especially acknowledge those members in Asia and Europe who have been most directly impacted in recent weeks. 

We encourage you to make use of this forum to share evidence-based information, resources, and approaches you are taking in response to COVID-19, and questions you have that your peers in other ASTC-member institutions may be able to address.

That said, ASTC is not an expert source for information about COVID-19 coronavirus disease, public health, or emergency preparedness-so we will not be able to review the information shared on our General Forum for validity or accuracy. Given the immense amount of misinformation being shared online about this epidemic, if posts on our General Forum about COVID-19 are found to include false or inaccurate information, ASTC may elect to remove such posts. The websites of official sources such as Federal government science and health agencies and state and local public-health departments are a good first stop for fact-based information

If there are additional ways that ASTC can support you, including by providing more opportunities for you to connect with one another and share strategies (e.g., video conferences, phone calls, etc.), please do not hesitate to email us directly at

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