Upcoming Webinar - "Gone the Way of the Dodo: The Decrease in Enriching Webinars"

By Mary Mathias posted 01-30-2014 16:48




Upcoming Webinar

Gone the Way of the Dodo: The Decrease in Enriching Field Trips


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With the rise of standardized testing in schools and the emphasis placed on improved test scores, the time and money for enrichment activities, such as field trips to museums, plummet. Are educational field trips being replaced with “reward” field trips?  Both students and teachers report that field trips should be educational and fun, but what are they really getting out of these visits?
Please join us on Wednesday, February 5th at 2:00 pm EST for a webinar with three researchers sharing their findings on the value of field trips for student success and inter-personal growth, and teachers’ needs to ensure a successful visit to the museum.   

    Brian Kisida, researcher at the University of Arkansas and co-author of
    "The Educational Value of Field Trips."





    Mary Ann Wojton, COSI, Columbus Lifelong Learning Group, author of

    "Field Trips: What Teachers Told Us."

    Al Onkka, Researcher and Evaluator, Science Museum of Minnesota
To register for this webinar, visit www4.gotomeeting.com/register/168467983.
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