Fundraising for Science Center

By Timothy Fahey posted 06-13-2014 12:02

Fundraising for Science Centers

What kind of fundraising success stories do you have to share?
What kinds of systems do you have in place?
What kind of campaigns do you run, and how and when do you ask for donations?

I've been developing the brand and marketing programs for the Rockville Science Center for over 3 years. Since then we have programs for Science Cafes, Robotics, Geology Walks, and Camps, as well as others. We've created value and can do more. However, running programs and soliciting for donations seem like two different functions. We have a donate button on our website, which is a very passive way to collect donations.  Recently, I purchased an e-commerce/merchant package through Sprint with data plan, an iPad and Credit Card Service via Vantiv which is good, but do you have experience approaching your base of science audience with donation cards and an opportunity to swipe their credit card for donations?

How do you integrate your fundraising in your promotions and programs? Is it as simple as asking more often and making the appeal in a specific way?

Timothy Fahey
Director of Marketing and Communications
Rockville Science Center