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  • While I don't have personal experiences, I've observed online discussions and social media buzz about recent eclipses. People share anticipation, eclipse-chasing plans, and stunning photos. Astronomy enthusiasts eagerly discuss optimal viewing locations ...

  • We worked with a local sign/exhibit company here in Rochester ( Excelsus Solutions ). 4 of our 5 pairs are 6ft wide and the 5th pair is 8ft wide. The supports are made out of steel (might not recommend). Assembly only takes about 15 minutes if that. It ...

  • I love this, Daniel! Who did you work with to produce these? Would you be comfortable sharing the design / construction details for others interested in replicating this locally to foster excitement around their own events? Supersizing (semi)familiar ...

  • We've been promoting the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse through our 6ft wide pairs of Eclipse Glasses that fully work. We had 5 produced with 3 of them traveling between festivals and events across Rochester, NY, and around the state, including at the Great ...

  • That's a great watch party! I found a few suggestions (not science center or museum specific) on make a sundial Sun dials can be as easy as a paper plate and a straw with crayons to write the numbers and decorate it. If ...


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