Total Solar Eclipse 2024 Community of Practice

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  • 1.  3-D Printed Pinhole Projector

    Posted 01-23-2024 10:45
    I apologize but someone shared the NASA STL file for a 3-D printed projector in the webinar the other day. So awesome! Link here:
    We tried printing it out a few different ways but highly recommend the contrasting colors and adding your own website.
    Thinking I might print out a sticker for the back that says DO NOT USE TO LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN with a QR code to a website explaining how to use it.
    3-D printed pinhole project of the unitedstates

    Taylor Gentry
    Special Events Manager
    National Museum of the United States Air Force


  • 2.  RE: 3-D Printed Pinhole Projector

    Posted 01-31-2024 18:16

    Love this! Thanks for sharing!

    Claire Dorsett
    Director of STEM Programming
    The Fab Foundation