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  • 1.  NDGTS 2017 Solar Eclipse Activities

    Posted 09-12-2023 11:38

    We had a watch party in the front yard of our science center.

    Using a hole punch and paper, we made an eclipse sign and took photos of its shadow during the eclipse. This time I would like to have guests try this while they are waiting for the eclipse. I would encourage them to spell out their names or create a design and take photos of the resulting shadows. 

    Eclipse celebration sign

    We also had telescopes on hand that were tacking the Sun's path and we had protective covers that allowed guests to watch the eclipse safely while not looking at the Sun. We also provided eclipse glasses.

    sun tracking with cover
    Protective Cover


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  • 2.  RE: NDGTS 2017 Solar Eclipse Activities

    Posted 09-13-2023 09:15

    That's a great watch party! I found a few suggestions (not science center or museum specific) on

    1. make a sundial
      • Sun dials can be as easy as a paper plate and a straw with crayons to write the numbers and decorate it. 
      • If you're somewhere with concrete, let kids create chalk art of what they see. 
      • Buy glow in the dark party favors for fun in the dark.
    2. have a backup plan in case it's cloudy
    3. make an eclipse playlist (assuming you have speakers to set up)

    Did anyone else do other things at watch parties in 2017? Or are you planning to do something else this time around?

    Shannon Sullivan
    Senior Manager of Programs
    Washington DC