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  • Jeff Rosenblatt

    Corporate Memberships

    Posted in: Membership Managers...

    Hello New Listserve : ) We are evaluating how we do our Corporate Memberships w/benefits for the Science Center. Our thoughts vary from offering an annual 1-time corporate event for their employees, to employee discounts on individual memberships,... more

  • photo not available

    Pendulum Wave

    Posted in: General Forum

    We built a Pendulum Wave machine which was performing well except for the strings that hold the 15 balls. I initially used Spectra fishing line due to its strength, flexibility & lack of stretch, but the string wore out and started to fray after a... more

  • Emily Schuster

    Upcoming Dimensions article on incorporating visitors'...

    Posted in: General Forum

    Hi everyone, An upcoming issue of Dimensions, ​ASTC's award-winning magazine for the science center and museum field, will focus on storytelling. We are looking for someone to write an article about an innovative way in which they incorporated... more

  • Josh Sarver

    RE:Wind Tube Ideas?

    Posted in: Making & Tinkering...

    I love the idea of the timer switch! We recently did a build for our Camp-In program. We tested a few options for the fan, but always came back to the Honeywell. Here's the rendering. Attached is some more detailed specs. more

  • Jennifer Jovanovic

    RE:Something that made you stop and think

    Posted in: Early Childhood Community...

    So since Jacki mentioned worms, I have to share the Preschool Activity of the Month by Amy Eisenmann about worms. Jacki also contributed an experiment to our program -- Sticky Stuff, -- so I put that in our Early Childhood Library too. Enjoy! If you... more


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