Example Materials

The Communities for Immunity initiative supports the work of museums and libraries in engaging their communities in COVID-19 vaccine confidence. All of the projects in this library were developed by museums and libraries that received the Communities for Immunity funding awards. Museums, libraries, and other educational organizations can use these examples as inspiration to adapt and replicate for projects in their own institutions.

The library is organized by subfolder: printable handouts, digital media, and programs and activities. Select one of the subfolders below to access that library section and explore each related project. All projects featured in the library are downloadable stand-alone files that can be adapted to the needs of your institution.

Looking for resources about building vaccine confidence?
Several organizations and projects have compiled resources for building vaccine confidence, including discussion guides, information on vaccine efficacy, safety, and side effects, how to access a vaccine, and more. A number of vetted websites may be found on the Vaccine Confidence Resources page.