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Communities for Immunity: Round Two awards to 50 more museums and libraries to promote vaccine confidence

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Communities for Immunity is an initiative supporting the work of museums and libraries in engaging their communities in COVID-19 vaccine confidence.

The United States is at a critical moment—experiencing both a surge in COVID-19 cases related to dangerous new coronavirus variants and an urgent need to dramatically increase vaccination rates. As trusted community partners and critical education providers, museums and libraries can play a critical role in building vaccine confidence and fighting the pandemic.

Communities for Immunity invites museums and libraries to submit proposals for funding efforts that support vaccine confidence where it matters most―at the local level. Funding awards will be provided to museums and libraries to leverage their deep relationships with local communities to improve vaccine confidence.

“Museums and libraries are the vaults that hold our knowledge and history. They educate us on the discoveries and blunders of our past. That’s the foundation upon which Communities for Immunity will equip the American people with accurate, reliable, science-based information. This partnership comes at a crucial time. We need more trusted messengers who let science lead, as they help Americans make informed health decisions for our families.”

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy Vice Admiral Vivek H. Murthy, MD, MBA, Surgeon General of the United States