During World Biotech Tour science festivals, the ambassadors played a key role in facilitating the Lab-in-a-Box activities and presenting their biotech topics to the public. At the end of the year, an ambassador was selected based on their active participation throughout the year and/or their biotech presentations to travel to Tokyo, Japan in 2017 to represent their science center in the project at the Science Centre World Summit (SCWS2017). Meet the 2016 ambassadors below and learn more about them by hovering over their names (the selected ambassador for SCWS2017 from each science center is indicated in yellow)

National Science Museum of Thailand (NSM)

Pathumthani, Thailand

10 teams of ambassadors from around the region presented their biotech topics and Lab-in-a-box activities at the WBT Science Festival in Thailand, 2016
The Thai ambassadors met other students from Italy, Canada, Australia, and Portugal during the first WBT Ambassador Exchange.
During the biotech camp at the museum, ambassadors met scientists, practiced communication skills, discussed biotech issues, and worked with each other to prepare for the WBT ambassador program.


Perth, Australia

Ambassadors take a selfie with their Scitech program leader during their first ambassador exchange.
Ambassadors Shiya and Carlson test which paper is best for the Pipette by Numbers' new take-home mini canvases.

National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci

Milan, Italy

International Representatives

Montreal Science Centre

Montreal, QC-Canada

Ambassadors experiment with molecular gastronomy during their first WBT workshop

Ambassadors work closely with their mentors on biotech research and communication

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