August-September 2018 Roundup

We shared some awesome discussions and resources in August and September. Take a peek and chime in where it strikes your fancy!

Sight Spotlight:

Gabbie recorded a great interview with Matt from The MiX at The Science Museum of Virginia. I loved how they deliberately keep most of their time open for tinkering, hanging out, and developing relationships, instead of focusing on having workshops every day. Check out the spotlight and the podcast for the full scoop!

Discussion Highlights:


Niq from Studio NPL in Nashville started a Virtual Reality Poll to take the pulse of which spaces are using VR and what setups are working for them. If your site is using VR, answer the call!

Cody at Billings Public Library and Brian in Wisconsin shared ideas for cheap microcontrollers to give away to students. Brian suggested Adafruit Playground Express -- what do you think?

Amelia (me!) from the 101Space in Tucson asked about audio badging programs and certifications that YouMedia sites use to support their audio recording equipment and studios. Thanks Niq, Kristin, and Matt for your detailed responses!

Resources for Scaffolding Programs:

Sarah Ryan from Multnomah County Library called for job descriptions for mentors, managers, and other site staff, thinking specifically about how roles have changed in this post-emergent phase of Youmedia spaces. Have you recently hired mentors or changed your role descriptions? Add them here.

Natali Valdes from Oakland Park Library is planning a computer deconstruction program and asked for examples of waivers for physically active programs.