Podcasts & Webinars

Where are they now? Site Spotlight The Studio NPL
March 26, 2020
Interview with Niq Tognoni of The Studio NPL in Nashville. Niq talks about: Managing multiple maker spaces over a large system. Pop-up and mobile labs. Partnering with Public Schools. Life Skills for teen. Creative funding. Summer Camps and more....
Site Spotlight: Teen Hangout, Loveland Public Library
November 28, 2018
Loveland, Colorado's Public Library has a Teen Hangout. Listen to the interview with Amber Holmes, Teen Services Manager at the Loveland Public Library. Learn about their passive programs and more.
Meet Your New LC's (2018-2019)
November 6, 2018
Introducing your 2018-2019 Lead Contributors: Desiree Wolcott-Cushman and Amelia Marsh! Accompanied by Christina Cantrill from the National Writing Project, we chatted about our backgrounds with libraries and makerspaces, our programming interests, and what we are each excited about for the Community of Practice this year.
Site Spotlight: The MiX at Science Museum of Virginia
Sept. 30, 2018
Matt Baker talks about The MiX, the workshops and equipment most loved by youth and staff, social-emotional learning, building partnerships, outreach, and a very exciting new addition!
Allied Media Conference 20th Anniversary Roundup
July 16, 2018
Sara Ryan, Teen Services Specialist at Multnomah County Libraries, and Gabbie Barnes from YOUmedia Hartford attended the 2018 Allied Media Conference (AMC). This year was the AMC’s 20th anniversary. In this episode they discuss session highlights, how AMC is different from other conferences, how to make the case to attend, plus more.
Expanding Services to 18-24 year olds
June 1, 2018
In mid-February YOUmedia Hartford expanded their service hours and scope to welcome and accommodate emerging adults ages 18-24 in YOUmedia. YOUmedia Manager, Gabbie Barnes, explains how that decision came to be.
Behind the Scenes: ChiTeenLitFest
April 12, 2018
Shortly before the 2018 ChiTeenLitFest, Sara Ryan interviewed YOUmedia Project Coordinator Eric Reyes about what goes into putting together a literary festival with a teen-driven, YOUmedia spin.
  Site Spotlight: Dallas Museum of Art's Teen Advisory Council
March 5, 2018
Jessica Thompson gives us some insight about what's going on with the teen advisory council at the Dallas Museum of Art. The group organizes museum events, collaborates with educators and artists, and offers trainings for docents on how to create engaging experiences for teens.
  RDR 2017 Share Outs: Niq Togoni, Claire Hulfish and Kristin Morgan
February 12, 2018
Niq Togoni, Claire Hulfish and Kristin Morgan discuss the resources they created at the Estes Park retreat, on podcasting best practices, self-care for mentors and administrators, and making and mentorship with school-age children and tweens through classroom outreach.
  RDR 2017 Share Outs: Raemona Little Taylor and Eric Reyes
January 8, 2018
Raemona and Eric talk about the resources they developed at the 2017 RDR in Estes Park, CO. Raemona's resource centered around starting a partnership with the local juvenile detention center in Nashville. Eric's resource was about quantifying the impact of mentors for evaluation and funders.
  RDR 2017 Share Outs: Leah Durand, Jessica Thompson, Sarah Winchowky, and Desiree Wolcott-Cushman
December 1, 2017
Leah from the Carnegie Library Pittsburgh, Jessica from the Dallas Museum of Art, Sarah from the Free Library of Philedelphia and Desiree from Multnomah County Library each introduce the resources they created during the 2017 Resource Development Retreat for the YOUmedia National Network Community of Practice. Leah shares opportunities for youth participation and leadership, Jessica explains how to use her teen leadershilp toolbox, Sarah discusses preparing for and executing a tinker/training session and Desiree talks about accommodating for disabilities in YOUmedia spaces.(20 minutes)
  RDR 2017 Share Outs: Cody Allen, Dan Hensley, Rene Stratton
November 17, 2017
Cody from the TechLab in Billings, Dan from Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, and Rene from CareerConnectED in Springfield, Ohio discuss the resources they created at the Estes Park Resource Creation Retreat: a primer on the YOUMedia Hallmarks, some Hallmarks of Connected-Learning-Competent Libraries, and ways to integrate college and career planning into a site's overall programming. (20 minutes)
  RDR 2017 Share Outs: Matt Baker, Linsay Deming, Colin Creasy
October 31, 2017
Matt Baker from The MIX at Science Museum of Virginia, Colin Creasy from YOUmedia Miami, and Linsay Deming from ARTLAB+ discuss the resources they created during the Resource Development Retreat in Estes Park, CO this August. Matt highlights his resource "What in the World is Going on in that Crazy Teen Space? A YOUmedia Pedagogy Primer", Colin describes his resource "YOUMedia On-The-Go", and Linsay describes her resource "A Guide to YOUmedia Site Visits" (17 minutes).
  Introducing this year's Lead Contributors
October 20, 2017
Get to know Sara Ryan (Multnomah County Library, OR), Kendra Davey (101 Space, Pima County Public Library, AZ), and Gabbie Barnes (YOUmedia Hartford, Hartford Public Library, CT). They are our Lead Contributor team for this Community of Practice, and their goals are to connect you to resources, and connect you to each other. In this intro podcast, they talk about the different ways they have plugged into the CoP and to the YOUmedia Network, and highlight a resource they find particularly useful (13 minutes).
  RDR 2017 Share Outs: Sarah Swan, Alex Thao, Cassidy Tanzella
September 30, 2017
Sarah Swan, Alex Thao, and Cassidy Tanzella (Studio @ Anythink, Colorado) share the resources they created during the Resource Development Retreat in Estes Park, CO this August. Sarah highlights her resource "List of FAQs for Increasing Cost-Effectiveness and Patron Engagement”. Alex talks about his resource "Managing a Multigenerational Makerspace 101”. Cassidy describes her resource "Guide To Helping Customers Level Up" (6 minutes)
  RDR 2017 Share Outs: Katerina Harris & Gabbie Barnes
September 15, 2017
Gabbie Barnes (YOUmedia Hartford) and Katerina Harris (Surge Columbus) share the resources they created during the Resource Development Retreat in Estes Park, CO this August. Katerina highlights her resource "So, You Want to Be an Artist" -- a business plan for teen artists. Gabbie talks about her resource "Literature-based gaming: developing readers (and community) through strategic play" or "RPGs TCGs OMG!"(16 minutes)
  Meet the Mentor: Nicole Steele
April 18, 2017
Niq Tognoni speak with Nicole Steele, teen programmer at the Slover library in Norfolk, Virginia. Norfolk is the newest member of the YOUmedia network, and Nicole gives us a great picture of the kinds of things they are doing that makes them such a perfect YOUmedia spot (including practicing knife skills!). (11 minutes)
  Mitchel Resnick on Seymour Papert
April 18, 2017
Mitchel Resnick, LEGO Papert Professor of Learning Research at the MIT Media Lab, discusses his mentor Seymour Papert. The recording took place in April 2017 at The Clubhouse Network Annual Conference in Minneapolis, MN. Want to know more about Seymour Papert? Download his book Mindstorms: Children, Computers, and Powerful Ideas for free. (31 minutes)
  Conference conversations: Jen Steele and Niq Tognoni in Austin, TX.
April 10, 2017
Niq Tognoni from Studio NPL Nashville and Jen Steele from YOUmedia Chicago find a warm spot on the Colorado river banks to discuss the highlights of the SXedu conference. Jen reflects on the various lenses she uses when approaching a conference like this, and we talk a bit about the various VR/AR sessions that were offered. A really interesting week, I'd encourage you to keep your eyes out for next year's gathering, March 5-8, 2018. (10 minutes).
  Start Making! with Danielle Martin & Alisha Panjwani
March 27, 2017
Peter Kirschmann talks with Danielle Martin & Alisha Panjwani, authors of the book Start Making! A Guide to Engaging Young People in Maker Activities. They talk about their inspirations for making, and how to engage learners who may not be immediately drawn to making. Learn more about the book, and find a free PDF on The Clubhouse Network website. (18 minutes).
  Connected Learning With Kendra
January 20, 2017
Niq Tognoni speaks with Kendra Davey, Young Adult Services Manager, Pima County, AZ. A lead contributor to the YOUmedia C.O.P and long-time YOUmedia community member, Kendra discusses examples of Connected Learning she sees in her community, and reflects on the importance of bringing Connected Learning training to other educational organizations. Need a quick primer on Connected Learning? Check out THIS great resource. (15 minutes).
  Meet The Mentor: Chris Layton
January 20, 2017
Niq Tognoni speak with Chris Layton from Studio NPL, Nashville TN. A mentor since Studio NPL's opening, Chris talks about his personal growth in student engagement and technical skills, and reflects on what makes him so dang popular with the teens of Nashville. Along with his work as a mentor, Chris also acts as a wedding and "general hipster event" photographer around Tennessee; check out some of his work on Vimeo. (9 minutes).
  Meet The Mentor: Sienna Cittadino
January, 3, 2017
Niq Tognoni talks with Sienna Cittadino from The Labs at Carnegie, Pittsburgh. A former mentor and current teen librarian, Sienna gives us a peek into her personal history, her views of engaging teens, and reflects on working with diverse communities. Check out more of Sienna and the work at The Labs through this great blog post. A special nod to The Streaks and their Auld Lang Syne for the closing tune this episode. (9 minutes).
  New Entries to Coding: Scratch & Hip Hop
December 16, 2016
Peter Kirschmann talks to Natalie Rusk and Eric Schilling from the Scratch Team at the MIT Media Lab about a recent Hip Hop and Coding Summit they hosted in collaboration with Progressive Arts Alliance in Cleveland, OH. For more information on the event, read this blog post from Andres Lombana-Bermudez from the Berkman Klein Center or watch the Progressive Arts Alliance's video. To get started with your own coding check out the "Let's Dance" tutorial at scratch.mit.edu/go; (16 minutes).
  Meet The Mentors; Jeff Hodges.
November 12, 2016
In the first of our "Meet The Mentors" series, we speak with Jeff Hodges about working with the YOUmedia learning lab at Thurgood Marshall Library in Chicago, IL. Jeff has been with YOUmedia for several years, and has some incredible insight on community engagement, growth, and connecting workshops with the interest of his patrons. (17 minutes).
  Let's Take This Show on the Road: an Exploration of Mobile Makerspaces
November 12, 2016
Niq Tognoni interviews Erin Berman from San Jose Public and Zach Duensing from Nashville Public Library about mobile makerspaces and programming opportunities, including the forthcoming 
San Jose Mobile Makerspaceship (32 minutes).
  CoPs at ASTC 2016
September 27, 2016
A conversation around all things "C.O.Ps" recorded live at the ASTC conference in Tampa, FL. Joining us in this informal conversation are Julie Koslowsky, Niq Tognoni, David Wells, Sage Morgan-Hubbard, and Helen Wechsler. (35 minutes).

  Uncaged: How Do You Define Freedom? Connected Learning and the Juvenile Justice System
September 24, 2016
Niq from Studio NPL at Nashville talks with Elyse from the National Writing Project about Nashville’s LRNG grant, Uncaged: How Do You Define Freedom? Connected Learning and the Juvenile Justice System. Their grant is a partnership between The Nashville Public Library and the Woodland Hills Youth Development Center, a juvenile detention facility with male residents ages 13-19, to offer mentor-led programs. (10 minutes).

  Post-emergent podcasts: QuaranTEEN, Lynn Public Library
August 3, 2016
Katelyn and Theresa from QuaranTEEN at the Lynn Public Library talk about strategies and interventions with the goal of getting teens to move more towards “geeking out.” How does changing a space affect what happens in a space? How does changing staffing duties affect programming? Questions by Corey from Pittsburgh. (29 minutes).

  Post-emergent podcasts: The Labs, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
July 28, 2016
Corey and Amalia talk about the post-emergent library makerspace, touching on building pathways for youth leadership, focusing on content and relationship-building over tech. Questions by Mo from The Studio at Anythink. (32 minutes).

  Post-emergent podcasts: TECH lab, Billings
July 15, 2016
Cody, Cassie, Elizabeth, and Kathy from Billings are interviewed by Katelyn and Theresa from the Lynn Public Library about their work in the action research project around makerspaces in libraries. The post-emergent qualities they’re uncovering include communicating the goals of a program and space to other library staff and simultaneously welcoming them in for professional development; developing staff capacity and advocating for expanded staff. (32 min).

  Post-emergent podcasts: Maker Jawn
July 6, 2016
Sarah, Clarissa, and Goda from Maker Jawn in Philly talk with Cody from Billings about the indicators of a library makerspace’s “post-emergent” phase: what are the things that they are experiencing in years 3, 4, and 5 of being open? What are they observing? The Maker Jawn team discusses the need to:
  • Create an updated mission statement

  • Refine job descriptions

  • Plan for ongoing staff transition

  • Connect and learn from a national network. (32 min).

  Community Partnerships: Issues, Challenges, and Successes
Recorded May 13, 2016
Jason from Richmond, Marika from St. Paul, and Leila from Tucson talk about community partnerships:
  • “It’s daunting to think about connecting to a large institution (like a school district).” Find a toehold through one or two very dedicated people.

  • Don’t “get stuck thinking ‘I’ve got community partners: check’ I don’t need to keep going, or i’ve tried community partnerships and they don’t work. It’s an ongoing process.”

  • “There are a lot of community partnerships that are dead ends, and you have to go into them with the same enthusiasm, and let them play out, you have to keep being engaged… it can’t work out all the time, for whatever reason.”

  • “Not all partnerships have to be a ‘capital P Partnership’.” (34 min).

  Spoken Word Letters
June 28, 2016
Spoken word, or oral poetry, can help students critically examine dominant narratives to make sense of their own experience through language and express themselves using their own vernacular. As part of a special series designed for the Letters to the Next President 2.0 project, this L2P 2.0 Make Cycle/Media Make hangout served as an invitation for students to create oral “letters” to the next president. (55 min).
  Post-Emergent Podcasts: Anythink
June 14, 2016
Mo from Anythink, Sarah from Maker Jawn, and Kathy from Billings talk about Anythink’s process in the post-emergent library makerspace research. Some takeaways, and further questions: how to summarize and communicate a program’s nuances to administration and leadership to get everyone on the same page, and the legwork that goes into that. How we can implement programming and have customers go from one location to another, while retaining consistent standards? (25 min).

June 3, 2016
Cody from Billings, Tricia from Hartford, and Julie from Chicago talk tours. Some questions addressed: What’s the split between you offering tours to groups and groups approaching you for a tour? What kind of handouts, resources, or information do you provide? How do you draw the line between giving tours and becoming a consultant? (38 min).

  Designing and Planning a Teen Lit Fest
May 10, 2016
A conversation with Jennifer Steele from YOUmedia Chicago about planning the ChiTeen Lit Fest: making it truly a teen-driven and led event, from selecting and interviewing the authors, to designing the branding, and doing outreach. Jen answers how much planning went into the lit fest, how much it cost to do, and how it could be scaled to fit any other space. (27 min).
  Curriculum and Skill Development
April 14, 2016
Rebecca from Nashville, Rene from Springfield, and Eric from Chicago talk about what curriculum and skill development looks like across their institutions/organizations (25 min). Highlights include:
  • Chicago has a private (staff-only) YOUmedia reflection blog. It offers a safe place to publish and read authentic reflections.

  • Podcasting, interviews, and audio recording as a tool to gets teens to discuss events that are affecting them (e.g., gentrification).

  • In Nashville they are tying programs to state standards. This leads to intentional programming.

  • In Springfield, mentors fill out workshop proposal with goals, content, duration, non cognitive skills addressed, and deliverables.  

  Read Brave
April 11, 2016
Read Brave is Saint Paul Public Library’s annual, citywide program encouraging youth and adults to read and come together around a young adult novel. The program encourages intergenerational dialog about thought-provoking, contemporary issues facing teens and culminates with a visit by the author. Listen to an interview with Marika Staloch, Youth Services Coordinator at SPPL, about what goes into organizing Read Brave, and how they work with teens and community partners to make it a transformative opportunity for the St. Paul community. (25 minutes)
  Digital Documentation and Portfolios
March 30, 2016
Hillary from DreamYard in the Bronx, Sandra from Anythink in Colorado, and Sienna from Pittsburgh have a conversation about digital documentation and portfolios. Moderated by Julie (Chicago). Questions and talking points include: how do we think about and design around digital documentation? How does this lead to portfolio building? What do teens think about digital portfolios? Learning portfolios versus more “polished” portfolios? Are there valid reasons to create portfolios not for academic use? On documenting with photography: “Less is more” vs “25 photos of a room full of kids... Getting the details to tell the story.” And it’s challenging as an instructor to pull yourself out of facilitating and taking photos that convey the story. (28 minutes)
  Teaching Teens About Digital Privacy
March 23, 2016
An interview with Alison from the Library Freedom Project, and Eva from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Topics run from the current landscape of digital privacy education in libraries, to threat modeling, to helpful resources. (22 minutes)
  Mobile Makerspaces and Programs
March 22, 2016
Miles from Las Cruces, NM, Eric from Chicago, and Corey from Pittsburgh talk about the different ways their organizations approach mobile programs. Accompanies a YOUmedia.org article. (30 minutes)
  Age vs Grade debate
March 18, 2016
A conversation with Kali from St. Paul, Cody from Billings, and Katelyn from Lynn about structuring your program by age, or by grade. Hosted by Julie from Chicago. (34 minutes)
  Mentors, and choosing the "right" people to work with teens
March 15, 2016
Kathy from the Billings Public Library, Gabbie from YOUmedia Hartford, and Kim from YOUmedia Springfield talk all things mentorship; logistics around pay and part time vs full time, as well as personalities and training. (32 minutes)
  Planning for Summer
March 4, 2016
Kali from St. Paul Public, Sarah from Maker Jawn, and Yvette from YOUmedia Chicago have a conversation about what they're planning for summer, and how they're diverging--and responding to--traditional notions of summer learning at the library. Julie moderates. (31 minutes)
  Safe Space, Explicit Content
February 18, 2016
Mo Yang (Anythink), Linsay (ARTLAB+), and Salvador (Las Vegas, NV) discuss supporting youth and ensuring safe spaces for all participants. (36 minutes)
  Teen Spaces Within Your Larger Institutions
February 1, 2016
Molly North (Maker Jawn), Angela Panzer (Poughkeepsie Public Library), and Michael Voll (Columbus Art Museum) to talk about how their YOUmedia spaces fit in with the rest of their institutions and how they are able to offer opportunities to their teens across their organizational departments. (36 minutes)
  Collaborating Across the Network
January 20, 2016
Amen (Rochester, NY), Matt (Richmond, VA), and Susan (Springfield, OH) discuss the possibilities of a cross-institutional project between youth. (30 minutes)
  Beyond Shushing: Reimagining the Educator’s Role in Libraries and Museums
January 14, 2016
The YOUmedia Learning Lab Network is a national, growing network of libraries, museums, and community centers dedicated to rethinking youth education. That includes implementing the "Mentor Model" where near-peer mentors—often artists, musicians, and designers—are brought in to guide youth in discovering and pursuing their own creative interests. Join us for a look at YOUmedia Network's Mentor Model and how it has affected and changed the staffing models at three different institutions. Guests will also discuss implications for the classroom. With Daniel from YOUmedia Chicago, Lynsey from ARTLAB+, and Andrea from KCDML (Kansas City). (1 hour)
  Mentor Interview Question Bank and Modes of Data Collection: Empowering Participants to Document, Discuss & Disseminate Their Experiences
December 22, 2015
The Mentor Interview Question Bank (Adrienne, Nashville Public Library) acknowledges that hiring good mentors is essential to the success of YOUmedia spaces. Adrienne has developed a bank of supplemental and interview questions for mentors which is particularly useful for new managers. Don't hire mentors? That's OK, feel free to share with those that do! Modes of Data Collection: Empowering Participants to Document, Discuss & Disseminate Their Experiences (David, NYSCI) is a resource that provides inspiration for program facilitators and participants to document, reflect and share their experience in order to improve the program experience.(20 minutes)
  Curriculum Tree and Power Mapping Guide
December 18, 2015
The Curriculum Tree (Cody, ARTLAB+) is to plan development paths in various mediums. Programs without staff trained in technology can search this chart and identify a path of learning based on the students' interests and appropriate for a student's entry point. It also provides project-based curriculum containing step-by-step guides for staff to facilitate those workshops. It's written with the facilitators as audience, and designed that they are untrained in each of the softwares. The Power Mapping Guide (YOUmedia Hartford) is for managers to strategically plan stakeholder engagement around a specific initiative. (20 minutes)
  Preparing Your Teens to Act as Press
November 19, 2015
YOUmedia Miami has had the opportunity to act as press at Jazz in the Gardens, a local music festival, two years in a row. It was an incredible learning experience for our teens and allowed them to develop hand-on media production skills. I feel this is something many other sites can take advantage of. These documents are short guides on how to have your teens do the same. From applying for press credentials to training your teens in event coverage and production. (10 minutes)
  Badging 101
November 13, 2015
I found that folks have been talking about badging, credentialing, and doing work with badges and open portfolios. I compiled some questions into an FAQ and am hoping this will spur on some conversation around the topic here. I have also begun to compile what everyone has worked on with regards to badges and made a quick inventory and guide to start a badging system prototype with badgeOS. (30 minutes)
  Resource Proposal Template
November 4, 2015
A comprehensive template that can easily be modified by the user to meet their needs; whether they are trying to gain full-time employment at their workplace, going after grant money for their respective programs, identifying stakeholders and establishing strategic partnerships in their communities, or overall program expansion. This could be a great learning tool, and once the user is able to tailor the template with the appropriate language for their benefit, it can be recycled for other purposes. (15 minutes)
  Youth Makerspaces Today
October 27, 2015
What are the varieties, differences, and commonalities in makerspaces in libraries, museums, community organizations, and schools? And what are some of the many practices and frameworks? Steve Davee, Director of Education at Maker Ed, will discuss the Youth Makerspace Playbook, a report that both provides a bird’s-eye view of makerspace planning, as well as practical suggestions about space, materials, and sustainability. The webinar also features Peter Wardrip (Learning Scientist, Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh) who is working with IMLS to build a framework to support learning in museum and library makerspaces, Lyndsey Runyan (Creative Spaces Learning Coordinator, Multnomah County Library), and K-Fai Steele (YOUmedia Learning Labs Network). Join them in a conversation about the field of makerspaces in a variety of educational environments. (1 hour)
  Tell Your Story: Using Outcomes To Show The Difference Your Program Makes
October 27, 2015
Sara from Multnomah will share her resource from the resource retreat in August: "I wanted to use the YOUmedia Hallmarks as a structure for thinking about how to tell the story of the difference the work we do makes. So for each of the hallmarks, I've listed some ways you can tell that the hallmark is being met, and some possible outcome measures. Use this to think about what kind of information you want to gather from the youth in your program, and to assess how well your program is meeting the hallmarks." (15 minutes)
  Transitioning Leadership
October 12, 2015
"During my tenure as the director of a YOUmedia Learning Lab, I discovered my role was to incentivize my staff with professional development, mentorship, and mobility in ways which were out of the norm for a more traditional office culture. Developing this list of recommendations gave me a chance to reflect on the things I did, and some I didn't do, to support the independence of my former staff and the eventual transition of my leadership to a successor. This resource has lots of management advice and specific examples from my time with ARTLAB+." (17 minutes)
  Programming Kits Primer
October 6, 2015
A great Learning Lab space is a luxury, but Connected Learning programming can happen anywhere. All you need is caring mentors and the programming equipment and supplies necessary for the project. That's why we've created programming kits at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Kits allow staff at branch libraries to experiment with different workshops and learn new skills, all without committing to buying everything themselves. CLP's programming kits include visual activity sheets and programming, price guides, related badges, and more. (17 minutes)
  Partnerships 101
October 1, 2015
"After years of planning, opening, and building community around The Mix at SFPL, I am sharing my experiences in a concise guide to cultivating and sustaining great partnerships. My guide is packed with supporting documents that other sites can adapt to their lab or project. It's intended to help anyone getting partnerships off the ground and includes input from different partner representatives in SF." (14 minutes)
  Flyer Template Bank
September 21, 2015
We all spend time on flyers- we all do similar programming. I'm creating a place where people can deposit and also take flyer templates- original files with editable text layers so program information can be custom tailored. The flyers will live on tumblr, with seasonal discussion posts calling for new flyers and submissions. The result should save everyone time, and also provide a quick visual way to browse programming for new ideas or ways of describing and promoting the awesome work we do. (8 minutes)
  Creating a Youth-Focused Mission and Vision
September 16, 2015
A facilitation guide by Kendra at the Pima County Public Library (Tucson, AZ) that will help you develop a youth focused mission and vision statement of your learning lab. Being able to articulate a community focused vision and a clear mission will help all members of the organization support the space and/or develop and evaluate programs based on connected learning principles. Working alongside youth to create a vision and mission will ensure that the learning lab will stay relevant to youth in your community. (23 minutes)
  Learn to DJ
September 8, 2015
A podcast show and tell with Sal from the Las Vegas-Clark County Library about his Learn to DJ resource. "Learn to DJ: Curriculum & Start Guide will assist organizations implement a DJ Studio in their respective space. It will highlight why organizations need to implement such an initiative, skills that teens and young adults will learn, required equipment, and how to successfully assess results."
August 31, 2015
An 11-minute show and tell/interview with Julie from YOUmedia Chicago about her #miniPD resource. "Professional development (PD) comes in a lot of forms. I wanted to create a framework for community members to use in making more informal and quick forms of engagement for their staff to learn about new equipment and ideas. #miniPD came out of the difficulties we have had in Chicago in having more regular PD opportunities fit into our staffs' schedules. These short 5 minute PD videos (soon to be created by all of you!) are a way to fit PD into our busy schedules and to give one another an inside look into what has worked well in our spaces that might be applied elsewhere." (11 minutes)
  Social Justice For Beginners Guidebook: Resource Development Retreat mini-webinar
August 25, 2015
A 13-minute resource show and tell/interview about a social justice resource created at the the August YOUmedia RDR. "This document began as an attempt to demystify my social justice teaching practice for people who wonder how I get a bunch of middle schoolers to think critically about systematic oppression, privilege, and working towards equity. It is meant for any educator who would like to integrate social justice into their curriculum but are at a loss for how to start or how it fits into their organizations existing structure, mission, etc." (13 minutes)
  A Few of Your Favorite Tools and Materials
May 28, 2015
A conversation about things you purchase for your space, including cameras, DJ equipment, 3D printers, computers, and more. Also an introduction to the concept of "good bad" vs. "bad bad" (courtesy of AJ Almaguer, Lawrence Hall of Science). Read more...

Copper Tape Club, meeting 1
May 22, 2015
Introduction to copper tape circuits, how-tos, supplies, and best practices. Read more...

  What's Going On, Network Folks?
April 28, 2015
We wanted to use April’s hangout as an opportunity to touch base with folks around the YOUmedia Learning Lab network to hear about what’s going on at your site. What are you excited about? What does your space look like? What sorts of things have been going on? Read more...
  MaKey MaKey YOUmedia Tinkering Session
March 2015
What sorts of programs and workshop are you doing with the MaKey MaKey? Share them with us in our next YOUmedia hangout! Heard about the MaKey MaKey but don’t know how to use it? Watch the hangout and get some great ideas.
   Youth Participation and Recruitment
February 27, 2015
A conversation about increasing teen participation and recruitment at sites. Share your effective (and not so effective) practices for recruiting teens, keeping them connected and engaged (do you HOMAGO? GOMAHO? MAGOHO?) tracking participation (google docs? Bento?), and justifying your not-so-hot participation numbers to administrators.
 Welcome to the Community of Practice!
January 26, 2015, 12:00-1:00EST/9:00-10:00PST
Join Lead Contributors to walk through the Community of Practice site, discussing how to use the site, share resources, and communicate with other Learning Labs. Watch archived on our youtube page.
Designing for Equity and Cultural Relevance
Before the Thanksgiving 2014 Holiday, YOUmedia Learning Lab representatives from ARTLAB+ (Amy Homma), the Lawrence Hall of Science (Sherry Hsi), and the New York Hall of Science (David Wells) sat down with the National Writing Project (K-Fai Steele) to go over their session Designing for Equity and Cultural Relevance from the Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC) 2014 Conference. Read more...