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November and December 2018

Check out the latest round-up of information gleaned from the pages of our Community of Practice. What’s been happening?

Site Spotlight:

Loveland Public Library share some great information about their Teen Hangout. It was really inspiring to hear about their passive programs and well developed snack program.


We’ve actually had two Podcasts in November and December.

Meet Your New L.C.’s  featuring Amelia and Desiree and an interview with Amber Holmes about Loveland’s Teen Hangout.

Discussion Highlights:

There have been some lively conversations about snacks and food in learning labs. It’s a pretty hot topic and we are thinking about hosting a Hang Out discussion around snacks in the labs.

There were also some good questions that could still use some feedback about recording studios and audio badging in learning labs. Check out those discussions and add to them if you have time.  

Something New: 

I realize this is brand new but it's worth highlighting. Fill out the YouMedia Annual Report, shared by Niq from Nashville Public Library. It really benefits our community when you contribute this information.


Next Site Spotlight?

We are looking for our next site spotlight. Want to share about a recent  programming success or talk about your space again because it has just changed so much from when you first started.

Never made a walk-through video of your space? This is the perfect excuse. A site spotlight can be whatever you want it to be.

We want to see it and the CoP wants to hear about it.

Email: Amelia at Pima County 101 at  to get started.    

Stay tuned for Looking back/ Looking forward, where we will review 2018 and discuss hopes for 2019.