January 2018 Roundup

Congratulations & Welcome

This month we want to congratulate our YOUmedia colleague Lyndsey Runyan at Multnomah Library in Oregon. Lyndsey has a new position leading the programing and exhibits of Multnomah Library’s art gallery. We wish her all the best and sincerely appreciate her positive contribution to the YOUmedia community. We would also like to congratulate Kristin Morgan who is the new Digital Learning librarian at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Welcome back to the YOUmedia community!

We would like to welcome Bryan Belknap a maker mentor at McPherson Square Library in Philadelphia. He is new to the YOUmedia community and was looking for some feedback on helping middle schoolers with the transition to High School. Several people chimed in with some great ideas. Check them out here if you are facing the same issues in your community or if you have some great ideas to share.

Discussion Topics

Speaking of issues, Cathy Cormier in San Francisco was wondering how everyone handles food in their spaces. This can lead to all sorts of issues from just a mess to unwanted pests. 

Brian Kopetsky in Wisconsin asked what teen volunteers do at different sites and specifically if anyone uses teen vols to monitor their spaces. There were a couple of interesting answers to the question.

Rosie Suever in Virginia Beach asked for some advice about securing a Nintendo Switch. Eric in Chicago answered with the perfect solution. Click the link if you also need to secure your Switch.


Raemona Taylor and Eric Reyes posted a podcast about the resources they both developed for the YOUmedia Community. Raemona’s resource is on connecting with youth in juvenile detention centers and Eric’s resource is about creating goals based on staff input and developing goal measurements. 

Speaking of resources, Cody Allen posted his resource. It is a primer on the YOUmedia Hallmarks.

Not a podcast but potentially of interest, K-Fai shared a youtube clip from the author Jason Reynolds about serving young readers.


Maker Grant from Infosys - Deadline March 6

YALSA Continuing Education - check here for more info