October 2016 roundup

Three new podcasts were posted in October. One very informally introduces the three new lead contributors to the community of practice. If you are curious about what an "LC" does and/or who the new LCs are, have a listen. (Spoiler Alert: the writer of this roundup is one of them and this is part of what she does!). The ASTC 2016 Roundtable is a conversation about communities of practice and how they can help support the work we do. This conversation was recorded during ASTC 2016 in Tampa. Don't miss the Studio NPL podcast with Niq from Studio NPL at Nashville talking with Elyse from the National Writing project about Nashvilles' LRNG grant, a partnership between the Nashville Public Library and the Woodland Hills Youth Development Center to offer mentor led programs.

You can find them all in the podcasts section. 


Here are the discussion topics that have sparked conversations:

Resource Sharing

FAQ for Adults

Waiver Sharing

Conflict Resolution 


Takeaways from DML

FabLearn 2016

ASTC 2016

Webinar: Measuring the Impact of STEM learning


Air Swimmers



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