Fall (Sept/Oct) Roundup


Hey YOUmedia Nation,

Halloween is over and fall is in full swing.  Here's a little combined September/October Fall Roundup, for quick look at what's been going on in and around the network.

1.  Our Mini-Webinar/Podcast series has continued with great new content weekly (mostly).  These resources, created during the            RDR, are a great, quick way to introduce yourself or your staff to programming ideas, flyer banks, administrative issues, and              much more.  Check out the list and links below for the most recent webinars.  And after watching/listening, you can dive deeper        into the resources through the discussion forum or resource bank.

2.  And if that's not enough Webinar action for you, you should also check out the recent Educator Innovator Webinar about Youth          Makerspaces Today.  It's an interesting conversation about the state of Makerspaces in libraries, museums, community centers,        or schools.  If you haven't already, check it out now; here.

3.  ASTC 2015 in Montreal, Canada was a highlight of the fall.  The current CoP development team presented on the state of our            YOUmedia CoP and shared the benefits of the network with potential new members.  There was also a post-conference meeting      between the old batch and new batch of CoP lead contributors.  We discussed ways to strengthen and grow the CoP during              year two and (symbolically) passed the torch.  Welcome to your new LC positions Tricia, Jennifer, Jennifer, and Julie.   Also,                poutine is delicious.

4.  And now a couple of friendly reminders;

  • Send us your flyers for Daniel's Flyer Bank!  We want to fill this bank up.
  • We're always looking for our next space for the Site Spotlight.  If you're interested in having your site highlighted on the CoP email content (pictures, write-ups, etc. . .) to youmedia@astc.org

Thanks for reading.  See you all on the inter webs soon.