copper tape club 1: intro

 Some helpful links from our conversation:

MIT Media Lab's archived High-Low Tech page with copper tape circuits (lots of how-tos)

Hack Your Notebook site with curricula (NEXMAP, CV2)

Tinkering Studio's how-to

Chibitronics (how-to resources and templates). You can also buy the circuit stickers here.

One-page zine curriculum from Maker Jawn; addendum! by NWP's Christina Cantrill (one-page zine with an LED)


supplies (not an exhaustive list)

sparkfun's educator discount is 20% (everyone should do this)

LEDs (amazon 80 for $4.36; sparkfun 20 for $3), coin cell batteries (amazon 50 for $12)

copper tape (sparkfun $2.95/roll)

surface-mount LEDs (sparkfun 25 for $4.95)

lilytiny (sparkfun $5.95 each); coin cell battery holder (sparkfun $1.25 each)