Getting Started

The Cultural Competence Learning Institute (CCLI) is both a yearlong institute engaged in by leadership teams from museums around the country and a set of resources that can be accessed by individuals working in the museum setting.

During the yearlong process, participating institutions will:

  • Articulate a strategic initiative that can be addressed and implemented by an identified leadership team
  • Develop strategies, timelines, and processes for achieving the strategic initiative
  • Join a cohort of participating museums who share experiences, learning, and challenges
  • Receive facilitated instruction about a framework for increasing institutional capacity around cultural competence

Three Paths through the Materials

1) If you think your institution might be interested and ready to engage in the CCLI process, consider the questions 
on our Institutional Readiness Assessment.

2) If you think that your institution might not be ready to undertake the full institute, but are interested in learning more, browse through our resources.

3) If you would like to learn more about institute alumni, see the testimonials or case studies.

If you still have questions,
read the FAQ or contact us.

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