What is it like to be part of the CCLI cohort program?


5 Things that Museums Can Learn from CCLI

Claire Pollock, Senior Director of Community Engagement
Cincinnati Museum Center
Cohort 4, 2017

Photo Courtesy of Cultural Competence Learning Institute Planning Team


Why I Recommend CCLI to Executive Directors

Suzanne LeBlanc, Executive Director
Long Island Children's Museum
Cohort 1, 2014


How CCLI Catalyzed Our Cultural Competence Journey

Aimee Terzulli, Director of Education
Long Island Children’s Museum
Cohort 1, 2014


Benefits of CCLI

Aimee Terzulli, Director of Education
Long Island Children’s Museum
Cohort 1, 2014


Learning Through a Cohort Approach

Tanya Butler-Holder, Associate Director of Administration
Long Island Children’s Museum
Cohort 1, 2014


Strengths of Peer Learning

Ann Fumarolo, President & CEO
Sci-Port: Louisiana Science Center
Cohort 1, 2014


How We Advanced DEAI at Our Museum through CCLI

Suzanne LeBlanc, Executive Director
Long Island Children’s Museum
Cohort 1, 2014


If I were talking to another Executive Director, I would highly recommend that they think about participating [in CCLI]...As a director you’re pulled in so many different ways everyday, and everything is very deadline oriented, and there are always a number of things in the back of your mind that you want to work on that you never get to work on. This was a chance to really delve into something that was very rewarding, very beneficial to the whole staff, [and] really good for staff morale. Even if you are having a difficult time financially or even if you’re very busy, [participating in CCLI] inspires staff and energizes them. I would highly recommend [CCLI] to another Executive Director. 

- Suzanne LeBlanc, Executive Director, Long Island Children's Museum, CCLI Cohort 1 (2014)



What have museums accomplished through the CCLI cohort program?



How Three Science Centers Advanced DEAI Through CCLI

Written by Jenni Martin, CCLI Project Director
Museums featured participated in Cohort 4, 2017



Center for Aquatic Sciences’s CCLI Journey

CCLI team
Center for Aquatic Sciences
Cohort 6, 2019



How have museums grown through the CCLI cohort program?


Being part of the CCLI gave weight and urgency to our work. It gave a framework of accountability and credibility to this as not just a singular person’s or department’s responsibility but as essential to the health and well-being of our entire organization. 

- CCLI Participant



Participating institutions in CCLI Cohorts 1-3 share that CCLI supported them in:

  • Broadening their conceptions of diversity
  • Involving a greater number of stakeholders
  • Acting with greater intentionality
  • Accelerating activities to foster inclusion