Harris' 3 States of Change

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  • Region of Country: South
  • City Size: 136,372
  • Institution Size: 18,000sq ft, 20 acres
  • Institution Age:  established 1986
  • Role of Author in Institution: Institution’s CCLI Team

A Framework for Change

Discovery Center at Murfree Spring in Murfreesboro, TN, focused their yearend reflections on charting where they had been, successes achieved, and directions for the future. Using Beckart and Harris’ 3 States of Change, discussed in The Inclusive Museum by C. Garibay and L. Huerta-Migus, the CCLI team at Discovery Center created a framework for reflection that will also become their roadmap for the future. It ended up being a very effective tool for them—and we think it’s useful for others too!

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3 States of Change

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