Developing an Internal Diversity Team

Institutional Details

  • Region of Country: Midwest
  • City Size: Population of Chicago is 2.7 million
  • Institution Size: 57,000 sq. feet
  • Institution Age:  35 years
  • Building Blocks Topic:
          Primary: Communication and Collaboration

Case Study

Chicago Children’s Museum, a cohort #3 CCLI participant, focused their CCLI strategic initiative on developing an internal team to focus on diversity.  With a goal of creating a cross-departmental committee to act as an advisory board for diversity initiatives, current work and future plans, the Museum spent the year convening this group and working together to identify ways of work and action goals.  The following are the staff team’s final PowerPoint reflection presentation for CCLI and a guiding document developed for the institution as a whole. 

Case Study

Diversity Team Big Idea, Goals, Activities

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