Group Activities

The following activities are designed to help a group of people to engage in dialogue or reflect on concepts relating to Cultural Competence.  You’ll find that some of the activities are intentionally light and easy, designed to help people ease into discussions or thinking about culture broadly and their own and other’s cultures in particular.  And some are deeper and more involved, encouraging reflection, and possibly bringing up more challenging situations that people have been involved in.  All of the activities touch on different topic areas that encourage people to think about their own upbringing and how that has shaped their cultural heritage.  And they also invite participants to reflect on their organization and its culture.

As always, culture in these activities is defined broadly—the set of beliefs, actions, customs, values, communications that in combination become someone’s or an organization’s culture.  As people engage in these activities, we hope that they open up dialogue so that people find connections with each other and acceptance of differences.

Group Activity List:

Cultural Connection Conversation Starters
Values Continuum Group Activity
Would You Rather?
Ticket to Know You
Diversity Wheel
PhotoVoice Organizational Values Activity

Cohort Thoughts on Group Activities

Tanya Butler Holder, Associate Director of Administration, Long Island Children's Museum

 Aimee Terzulli, Director of Education, Long Island Children's Museum