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February 2018 Roundup

Site Spotlight
Find out about the great things happening at Createch in St. Paul, Minnesota, a collaboration between the St. Paul Public LIbrary, St. Paul Parks and Recreation, the Science Museum of Minnesota and the St. Paul Neighborhood Network.

Discussion Topics
There was a lot of interest in the Allied Media Conference -- and especially the Radical Libraries, Archives and Museums track -- coming up in June in Detroit. Gabbie Barnes in Hartford and Ephran Ramirez in Chicago have both been to AMC and speak really highly of it!

Peter Kirschmann in Boston highlighted a webinar from Dr. Shirin Vossoughi on Culture, Power and Learning in Makerspaces, and Sara Ryan in Portland found a recording of a similar talk Dr. Vossoughi gave at Indiana University. Eric Reyes from Chicago said that Dr. Vossoughi and her team had done a great session at their Teen Services Conference on Teatro, a form of theater that centers around the audience as actors/participants. 

Podcast & Resources
Listen to Niq Togoni from Nashville, Clare Hulfish from Houston, and Kristin Morgan from Pittsburgh discuss the resources they created at the Estes Park retreat on podcasting best practices, self-care for mentors and administrators, and making and mentorship with school-age children and tweens through classroom outreach. Then check out those resources in the Resource Bank!


**CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS on children and young adults creating and publishing content in libraries.**
IFLA is requesting contributions on content created by children and young adults in libraries: creative writing, texts or interviews on local history, music, folktales writing published on line or as digital or print books, written or filmed book presentations, Wikipedia articles, texts in local /immigration languages, blogs, images of Makerspaces' productions, coding or others. Contributions may include recommendations about what libraries and/or governments or others could do to enhance creativity among young people in particular.

Please send your proposals to as soon as possible. The final texts (1000-1500 words) are to be sent before April 30thFor more information please write to